Construction of a building, road or any structure involves several construction equipment. Using the right equipment for the right job would save time, effort and money. Therefore, it is important to know about the various construction equipment and their uses to get best results for your investments.
Construction equipment are classified based on their purpose and use. They are mainly classified as Earth Moving Equipment, Construction Vehicle, Material Handling Equipment and Construction Equipment

Here are a few commonly used equipment in construction activities:
Backhoe Loader: Found in most construction site due to its versatile applications and ability to work efficiently in rugged terrains. It used for demolition, excavation, grading works requiring precise control of depths, landscaping, short transport of waste materials within the construction site. Backhoe loader is a combination of three pieces of machinery – backhoe, tractor and loader. There are number of other equipment that can attached to the backhoe based on requirements.









Excavators: Excavators are earth moving equipment used for digging, loading, excavating and demolition. The specialty of the equipment is its ability to dig large amounts of earth with its arms that can rotate 360 degrees.










Bulldozers: These are very powerful equipment used in road construction, construction, land clearing and mining. They machine has different types of tyres and tracks to cover rugged terrain too. The main job of the tool is to use the blade in the front to push piles of earth and the ripper at the back to break top layer of the hard surface into rubbles. Blade also grades the rubbles.










Cranes: Cranes are material handling equipment used for lifting heavy loads to great heights. The horizontal boom type cranes are used for construction of tall buildings while inclined boom type for erecting steel structures.












Concrete mixtures: Concrete mixers are construction equipment used to mix a slurry of cement, sand, gravel and water for construction purposes like laying roads and filling slabs in buildings etc. A variant – Truck mixers that have mixers mounted on a truck act as the centralized zone for manufacturing the mixture for various jobs on the site.









Dump Truck: This is a kind of construction vehicle is popularly used for transporting loads in to and from the constructions site. There are two forms of this machine: rigid frame and articulating frame. There are off – road dump trucks as well that are specially used only by the mining industry and for heavy dirt- hauling jobs.










Apart from this list there are many other machinery that are needed for the construction. Businesses attempt to buy a few that are used throughout the construction process others they tend to hire. A good place to hire the heavy construction equipment is through rental search platforms. These platforms aid in locating rental companies closer to your job site within your budget providing machinery of your choice.