Construction sites are always prone to accidents due to the magnitude of work, number of people and nature of work. No emergency can be handled unless it is planned well. It is a good idea to have an emergency action plan in place with a mock drill in regular interval to educate the entire crew to minimize the impact.


Typical Emergency Action Plan is prepared to deal with emergencies arising out of:

  1. The collapse of lifting appliances and transport equipment.
  2. The collapse of the building, sheds or structure etc.
  3. Gas leakage or spillage of dangerous goods or chemicals.
  4. Drowning of workers, sinking vessels, and
  5. Fire and explosion.
  6. Landslides getting workers buried.
  7. Floods, storms and other natural calamities.

While arrangements shall be made for emergency medical treatment and evacuation of the victim in the event of an accident or dangerous incident occurring, the chain of command and the responsible persons of the contractor with their telephone numbers and addresses for quick communication shall be adequately publicized and conspicuously displayed in the workplace.


It is always recommended to have sign boards indicating the possible hazard and action items handy . If the same can be arranged in local language or with graphical sign, It will serve the purpose well.